Monday, March 18, 2013

Tazmanian Devil returns...

When I wrote my blog about Emmeline, I remember a post which I referred to myself as the Tazmanian Devil. I was just about 11 and 1/2 weeks and one morning I woke up with no more sickness and loads of energy. I felt like the Tazmanian Devil that day, making up for lost time. Well, today was another Tazmanian Devil day. The babies have dropped, the heartburn has eased, I can breath a little better and I have buckets of energy. All seems positive, however, it is making me a little nervous. I'm becoming less confident that I will make it 7 more weeks.

I have some busy work days ahead that I am worried about. So I called my doc practice and told them about the babies dropping, the surge of energy and the absence of constipation. They blew me off. Are you have timed contractions? No? Call us back, honey. But as I was telling a friend, if I feel any additional concerns, I'll just lie about the contraction part and get evaluated. I don't think I'm going into actual labor this week or anything, but if keeping my feet up would buy me a few weeks, I'd gladly do it. On the other hand, if nothing is going on, I definitely would like to keep plugging away. Next appointment is Thursday.

Part of the high energy day was getting my hospital bag ready. Of course, Emmeline wanted to also get her hospital bag ready. Then, she crawled out of bed tonight to set it next to mine so she wouldn't forget it. My little mini-me these days.

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