Sunday, March 31, 2013

32 weeks tomorrow

Wow - we have arrived. Obviously, it would be great if they cook a little longer, but if they decide otherwise, the outcome is now looking very good. 5 weeks the latest??? I can't believe it and start to breath a little too fast when I let that sink in.

Sleeping has moved into the miserable realm. I dread nighttime. Dread it. It goes something like this...fall asleep at 10ish, wake up at midnight for about 30 minutes, fall asleep until 2ish, awake from 2-5ish (but not awake enough to do anything productive...just awake enough to watch endless episodes of The Office or Friends), fall back asleep around 5ish, sleep on and off until about 7:30am. This is standard. This is not enough sleep. The problem is my back and my belly. There is just no good way to support either. Even sleeping reclined offers minimal relief. I belong to a twin group and someone even made the bold statement that because sleeping is so miserable with the babes inside, that I actually may feel more rested once they arrive. I can see where this may be true. Sure, I will be awaking up every 2 hours to have 2 babes on my boobs, but at least I will be able to sleep in the short periods in between. We'll see.

We had a very nice Easter - spent with my mom and a dad and some friends down the street. Emmeline had fun. We are both pooped. I'll leave you with a 31 week and 2 day belly pic as well as a pic of E and her pregnant momma enjoying a beautiful Easter day on the swings...

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  1. You look beautiful and healthy. Emmeline is a cutie, as always.

    When I was 34 weeks pregnant, I cried so hard to my friend on the phone. That I was miserable, I thought I was dying. The pelvic pain and pressure was awful. My legs were painful, swollen tree trunks and my feet ached the moment I stood up. I could handle not one more minute of it and my friend said "they're always easier on the inside than on the outside" and I was furious with her, because she just could not imagine what Hell I was living through in my body with constant acid reflux and peeing every 10 minutes to boot.

    And, UNBELIEVABLY, there would come a day when my daughter was 3 weeks old that I realized it was actually BETTER when I was still pregnant.

    Sooooo, I DO NOT agree with your friend at all.

    Keep them in there, figure out how to recline on soft down pillows around you and your tummy and take every minute of help your parents offer - they're a god send. You'll have the twins soon enough and, as you know already of infanthood, it's not a breeze either. ;)