Monday, March 25, 2013

Other gifts...

So, although I'm not on bed rest, and it appears that I may not be through the rest of this pregnancy, I am definitely slowing - both physically and mentally. As a result, I have asked my parents to come on the weekends when my husband works (he's a commercial pilot...should be interesting when the twins come, eh), This has been so helpful. They sometimes say that they feel bad that they don't do enough and that it still seems like I run around like a Tazmanian Devil even if they are here, but what they don't understand is them giving their undivided attention to Emmeline is the biggest help they could possibly be. It is such a relief to do the little things around the house without my 3-year literally pulling on my leg much of the time.

And because they come so much, there are definite traditions. Emmeline always sleeps with my mom. Within minutes of my mom coming in the door, Emmeline politely asks "Can I sleep with you?". Of course! And it works perfectly. She sleeps the whole night and loves cuddling with her grandma. Although she usually sleeps through the night anyway, the benefit to me is that I don't have to do bedtime. At 8:15ish, they head upstairs and I have the evening to myself. Total treat for everyone, I think. And Emmeline and my mom have special things they do - My mom introduced her to puzzles, which is perhaps one of her favorite past times. So she knows that grandma loves to do puzzles with her...and snow flakes. And then there is bath time. Grandma has a reputation for being able to blow monster-sized bubbles with her soap. Emmeline will tell her "Mommy can't blow bubbles as good as you, Grandma.". It's true. My dad has his own relationship with her. He brings her a milkshake when he comes...chocolate. And messes with her about her imaginary friend, V-nick, saying that V-nick actually hangs out with him at his house. Last night, Emmeline decided to run a music school, and he faithfully followed Emmeline around the house while she sang "we're marching, we're marching" and banging some play instrument. And then, as bedtime was winding down, Emmeline asked for him to come up to say goodnight to her...a true sign of her affection.

You don't think you do enough, mom and dad? Trust me - you do more than enough.

Just one of the many gifts these boys are already giving us as a family.

This weekend I had the great opportunity to visit with Alex's aunts and cousin. It was a nice treat as we don't get to see much of them. They came with fun gifts, including this - as you can see from the above pic, I think it was a hit and a testament that no matter how far away they live, they understand my who my daughter is.

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