Saturday, March 16, 2013

29.5 belly pic

I am in awe of my own belly. I stare at it in disbelief. There is also disbelief that, best case scenario, there is still 7 weeks of growth.

But in the last few days, I question if I will truly make it these 7 weeks. Things feel different. I can't explain, but I just feel like counting on 7 more weeks is a long shot.

I finished up one of three projects that I am trying to accomplish before I stop work, so that feels good. Little loose ends to tie up around the house, none of them required, and most of them definitely on my "want to do" list, not my "need to do" list. I find myself having that now-or-never mentality. I'm trying to break free from that. Yes, it will be harder to get non-essentials done once the babies arrive, but we will still be living. The train of life will continue and priorities with naturally fall into place. Right? Right??? And as these experienced twin mom's keep telling me...this is about to be the adventure of my lifetime.

So part of the household arranging is figuring out the sleeping arrangements for the least what we will try to do initially. We have decided to put them in one crib in the current guest bedroom (which will eventually become their room) until they start rolling around. There is also a bed in there, so I will be the one also camped out in the room as long as breast-feeding is going well. Then, when the boys start rolling away (and hopefully start sleeping for longer periods), we'll bring in another crib and take down the bed. So, as a result of all this, we moved the two bassinets we have to the sunroom. I really want a place for them to sleep, be changed, hang in, etc. downstairs.

Until they get filled with babies, the bassinets have been getting good use - everything from bassinets for the dolls and stuffed animals to impromptu basketball hoops. Pictured below - a cozy little space for Emmeline to study.

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  1. Maybe a third bassinet for Emmeline?
    Your belly is a marvel. truly.
    and I am happy for your uptick in energy but also aware that the little guys moving downward is worrying. I hope tomorrow's appointment brings reprieve from worry, or clarity and a plan.
    Cheering for you,