Thursday, March 14, 2013


Finishing up work. That is the primary goal in these next two weeks. I've had a non-teaching assignment, which has been wonderful, but was put on a couple of random projects. And when I leave, others will have to take over these projects. Seems simple enough, no? Except if you are me - the very highly organized individual when it comes to my home and child, but the ultimate absent-minded professor when it comes to work...and my car, for that matter. Let's just say that if I were to go into to labor tonight, it would be a good couple of months before I would be able to talk someone through the mess that is my office. So the main goal in the next two weeks is project be able to hand over nice, labeled folders of work to someone else and not have to worry about it.

In other news, Emmeline is showing signs that the birth of these boys is weighing on her mind. I have been sleeping sitting straight up, so sometimes lately, she has been sneaking into bed with my husband in the middle of the night. This morning, he woke up to her saying "Daddy! We need to get two potties for the boys.". And of course, more classic behavior such as the more I physically slow, the more she clings. I do find her worried about me when I have slow days, although I try my best to explain that I'm not sick...that "growing babies is just hard work" (this is line out of the "Mommy's having a baby" book that we have been reading). She deals with it all by mimicking any discomfort I may have. Here's a hint - lately she has been saying "My babies are really making my butt hurt!" a lot. lol. Oh, she also likes to tell other people that the babies make her mommy's butt hurt. Yes, we have reached that age where I can expect anything that comes out of my mouth to be repeated to anyone - strangers included.

I made it to a mom-to-mom's sale hosted by the multiples group that I belong to. Snagged some good stuff including a fantastic toy microwave for Emmeline. The best thing about the sale was that I got to meet and have some good conversations with some twin mommies. I was talking to one who also had mo-di twins and we were discussing the biology of identicals and laughing over the fact that in the end, they are really a result of a weak egg. Oh the irony...the exact thing that probably caused us to struggle to have Emmeline for four years also caused us to have identical twins.

30-weeks on Monday. I can't believe I'm still going fairly strong with no formal bed rest. Maybe one of these days I'll have faith in my body...

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