Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy First Birthday Boys!

So a bit delayed post...only 18 days late. Par for course in the world of twins, I suppose. This is it - the last post for this blog. Life is just too crazy - twins, a preschooler, professor and pilot. As much as I would love to do "blog therapy" on a nightly basis, this life just does allow for it.

I continue to be perplexed by the whole "time flies" concept. It has never flown with Emmeline - I feel like Emmeline and I have known each other for centuries, yet it has only been four years. And the boys...time has moved in slow motion as well. Yes, it has all been a blur, this is true, but a blur that has kind of moved in slow motion. I'm grateful for the postings that I did while the boys were in the nicu. Like I've wrote before, I remember big events and chunks of time while there, but the day-to-day and the feelings of it all is hard to access.

So how would I describe the boys at their first birthday. Oldest first...

Evan, you're my sensitive boy. You are quick to cry, quick to get frustrated, but also quick to laugh and give a smile. This was demonstrated at your one-year doctor's appointment. While your brother was easily bought off by a couple of tongue depressors, you clung to me for dear life as soon as Dr. Sue angled her chair towards us. Your innate hyper-vigilance and sensitivity is evident. You're a pound less than your brother right now, but this doesn't hinder you in any way. Your not quite walking yet, but will take a few steps. You mastered the ability to shake your head "no" a while ago and sometimes crack yourself up with this talent. You love food and have been known to swipe some of your brother's off his tray when he isn't looking. You usually go to bed easily and wake up happy. You adore your big sister more than anyone. You say "mama", sometimes randomly and sometimes with an urgency that reminds me how lucky I am.

Oliver, you're my stoic observer. Sometimes less quick to crack a smile, but you also a often a demonstrate great patience. You often just go with the flow...unless, of course, you decide that it is time to wrestle. At the age of one, wrestling is hands down your favorite activity. If someone lays on the floor, flat on their back, you will make a beeline for them and throw yourself on top, all the while laughing from your gut. You love to wrestle your brother, although he is not always the biggest fan. You're not quite walking yet either, but will also take a few steps. Whereas Evan will cautiously fall to his knees when off balance, you are completely trustworthy...falling straightforward, knowing that mama is there to catch you. You also think big sissy is the best. You're not saying anything specific, yet you are "talking" all day long. And, as the picture below shows, you love chocolate. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I love you Evan and Oliver.