Friday, March 22, 2013

30.5 week appointment

It went great. Could not have gone better. Both babes weighing around 3.5 pounds. Same fluid. Super long cervix. Despite dropping, no signs of them coming anytime soon. Baby B is head down. Baby A is butt down, as in his butt is resting on my cervix. The CCAM hasn't grown and remains a very minimal risk. I want to be off work by end of next week, but things went so well that my doc said that she can't write a "bed rest" order because there is no medical reason. She will write an "off work" order based on it being a twin pregnancy and the fact that I'm measuring "full-term". Last work day: April 1st.

Other appointment stats: I've gained a total of 28 pounds. My blood pressure yesterday was 133/87. I was concerned, but the doc was pleased. So I'll just go with that.

Also, we have a concrete plan for the birth. If I go into labor on my own, I'm progressing and the first baby is head down, we'll give a vaginal birth a shot. If I make it to 37 weeks with no signs of labor, we'll go direct to a c-section and skip the induction phase. Ahh, feels good to have a plan and I'm comfortable with these choices.

Funny story about my high-risk ob. So basically, she's become my high-risk ob because I have connections in the system. My best friend is a pediatrician in the system and is friends with a wonderful ob, who initially became my ob for this pregnancy. Then, when we found out about the twins, she worked some magic and transferred me to her of the best, most experienced ob's in the high risk practice. Apparently, my high risk rarely takes her own patients anymore as she is busy doing other high-risk things (not sure exactly what). Bottom line - I'm pretty much her only patient right now. I have figured this out because of the utter confusion at my ultrasound appointments when I'm asked and "do you have an ob appointment soon?" and I respond with "yes, today, with Dr. T". Then always the look of confusion and shock.

So when I did in fact see Dr. T yesterday, I told her how I've come to realize that I am very special that I am getting to see her as a patient. She just smiled and winked and said nothing. Then, as we were checking out, we ran into her and she put her hand on my shoulder and said, "By the way, your not special because I'm your doctor. You're just special.". I choose to take it as a compliment. :-).

So ultrasound pictures are getting harder, but she managed to get a profile of Baby A. That bubble near his mouth? His umbilical cord. I'm grateful he doesn't have teeth yet! lol.

The other big thing yesterday was that we made our stroller purchase. The City Select Double. Love it. In this pic, it is set up for an older configurations (once they can sit up), but those red seats come off and there are adapters for their infant car seats. Note the fun platform for Emmeline...although last night she enjoyed playing baby and sitting in the red seats. Yes, I drove that stroller all around the house for a couple of hours.

Next appointment in 2 weeks, followed by weekly appointments till the end (for NST monitoring). We are truly in the home stretch.

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  1. That was the stroller I originally wanted when I was pregnant with Adelyn, but with only one new baby and a toddler, I couldn't justify the price. For you, I'm sure it's ideal and NECESSARY! I love that you are blogging through this pregnancy too :) I actually just found the blog the other day.