Wednesday, January 30, 2013

13.5 to go...

If the title had read "13.2 miles to go", you may think that I'm attempting a half marathon...bahahahahha. But, no, the 13.5 is the maximum amount of weeks we have left before these boys make their appearance. 23.5 weeks today. And feeling...tired, for sure, but better than I could have anticipated.

I had a friend come over today who has identical twin girls in there late 20's. It was really interesting talking with her. I thought it was shocking to find out about twins at 10.5 weeks after being told it was a singleton at 6 weeks? Guess when she found out about Baby #2? When she was crowning. Not kidding. Obviously, it was during a time when ultrasounds were less frequent and sophisticated, but she had even asked the doctor if he heard two hearts beats, and he said without hesitation "No.". They came on their own at 37 weeks and were healthy. She ended up having severe preeclampsia after giving birth (seizures and all) and spent 5-6 days in the hospital.

Her story got me thinking...I have been a out-of-control, nesting maniac lately. Too much. If I really listen to my body, I know I gotta get these feet up more. And then there's her story...also very well-prepared, but for a single baby.And another came out and everyone was fine without all the twin prep. I can lighten up. I know that. But so much easier said than done. It also made me realize that I do have an appreciation for modern medicine. Yeah, I'm scared to get preeclampsia again, but I know that I am being so closely monitored. If it happens, it is going to be detected early and all the precautions will be taken. I'm not as concern as one may think...thanks to modern medicine and my competent high-risk docs.

So here's the 23.5 week belly pic. Again, I'm fighting to keep my eyes open. Always more to write...but also always ready for more sleep. Good night!

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  1. nearing the final stretch! do take it easy. that is crazy to think that it was not that long ago that people used to find out when giving birth that there were two babies.

    take it easy!