Monday, January 21, 2013

Perhaps the sweetest. thing. ever.

My best friend's son had a birthday party today. A little context: his mom has been my best friend for 30+ years and her son(s) are like nephews; cousins to Emmeline. There was a house full of people and kids. He could have wished for endless material things or sport outcomes. But after he blew out the candle and cake was getting passed out, he came up to me and whispered in my ear, "When I blew out the candle, I wished for your babies to come out safely.". Yeah - sweetest. thing. ever. And to think that these boys (my bff has three of them) will be highly influential in my boys' lives. I'm a lucky girl.

In other news: maternity pics on Friday morning, followed by a small babymoon (most likely in our hometown). We are getting the pictures done in our house by this amazing photographer who lives down the street and took random, beautiful pictures of my DH and Emmeline this fall. Despite begging to pay her, she is once again doing the session for free because she hasn't done maternity pics and wants to build her portfolio. The good news for her is that I see her being our long-term photographer and with twins, well, she'll make some bucks down the road.

22-week appointment today. A brief glimpse of the boys - just checking out fluid and cervix. We are bringing Emmeline for the first time, thinking that a shorter ultrasound may be more appropriate. I am anticipating that she will ask the ultrasound tech to take a look at her babies also...

So here's a pic of that sweet boy and his cuz - taken today...he's always been loved, but today is a day that I got to see his beautiful soul with a new clarity.

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  1. He's a good kid and he loves all 3 of you deeply. Sadly, he also knows that bringing babies into the world doesn't always go smoothly, but we are both convnced these little men are going to be just fine. Thanks for being so special to all of us. And I love that picture of him with glad my boys have a little girl to look out for, play with, learn from.