Friday, January 11, 2013

20-week appointment

Well, this will be a short post because...because everything is fine. Better than fine. As good as it could possibly get at this point. Both babies not only measuring near exactly the same, but also in the 90+ percent for size (obviously unsustainable, but good for now). Fluid is the same in both sacs, which means not a trace of TTTS yet. Oh, and true to my overachieving nature, I gained 3 lbs in a week and a half.

The ultrasound was fun. We caught glimpses of both boys sucking their thumbs. Below is a pic of Baby A in the act.

So my big question for the doctor was can I feel some relief in the moment only or does all this good news at 20 weeks decrease our chances for TTTS and other complications? And the answer was yes - we can be hopeful about the future based on where things are at now. Not that it takes the risk of everything to zero, but still, it is trending down.

A couple of future blog posts I have circulating in my of which is about how often I get the response of "that's the perfect family" when I tell someone that we have a three-year old daughter and are expecting identical twin boys. Maybe it's my infertility experience or my own disbelief in our situation or both, but there is something about that comment that triggers something inside of me. Not necessarily good or bad...but just kind of stops me in my tracks for some reason. More later.

Also, concerns about my job and these babes...all three of them. My concern being that I still think of myself as a stay-at-home-mom who works a little. Teaching is just the thing I do on occasion to have some adult interaction. This mindset worked when I was an adjunct, but now, as full-time faculty, I realize it is unsustainable. I need to think of myself as mom and professor - both roles requiring dedication and attention. I find it challenging now...what's that going to be like with two more babes?

Ok...mind racing. Time for bed. I have my first committee meeting in the morning followed by a trip to Babies R refresh my memory and wipe off the cobwebs. Just like riding a bike, right?

Update: Babies R Us trip was fun - bottles, hangars and a couple of rattles for fun. Yeah, I should be set.

Baby A:

Baby B:

My baby with her babies:

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