Tuesday, January 22, 2013

22-week appointment and belly

As I said in my facebook post, "good babies, good fluid". What more can we ask for? Apparently, things looked so good today that the doc didn't even feel the need to see us. Emmeline got to come to this ultrasound. I think she was most excited about getting the "well" sticker at the check-in desk (given after you confirm that you are not sick). And she expressed that she did not like the "gooey" stuff on my stomach. Other than that, she looked a little traumatized through the quick scan. I get it - although I am not traumatized, it always is a lot to take in. Even at 22-weeks. Probably will always be a lot to take in.

Painted the pink closet in their bedroom yesterday - sky blue. Emmeline "helped". :-)

Here are the pics from today...things are getting cramped in there. The ultrasound tech made a comment that they are both about the length of a barbie doll. Whoa! In my head, they could still fit in the palm of my hand (length wise). For some reason, I've been feeling more tired since the barbie doll comment...

And my belly:

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  1. Wow, 2 little people in there...that's so amazing! I had my kids when I was fairly young so I love reading all the new mom blogs, it all seems like a million years ago for me:( Another blogger I visit just found out she is having twins also, she doesn't know the sex of them yet or whether they're identical or not but I'm excited to find out! Her link is http://www.sullengers.com/

    That's wonderful that your little men are looking good and healthy! I'm sure your girlie will be such an awesome big sister, she's adorable:)