Friday, January 4, 2013

18 week belly

Made my first in-real-life connection with a mom currently pregnant with twins...with a sales associate at the Coach store. Actually, the first time I have ever been in a Coach store. She commented on my belly, I told her there was two, and she squealed with excitement "Me too! I'm 12-weeks.". Her's are fraternal, IVF babes...which of course led to further conversation - "my first was an IVF babe too - these are natural twins.". She told me how everyone keeps telling her those kind of stories. We exchanged emails. Oh, and we discovered that we have the same high risk doc.

In other news - starting back up at school next week. Curious to see how it goes. I am getting more and more tired as the belly grows and grows and grows. See below for evidence:

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  1. Awwwww, precious baby belly!!! I'll be praying so hard for you and these little ones inside you to grown healthy and strong!!! I just love following your journey:)