Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nesting complications...

For the last two weeks, I've been in pretty serious nesting mode - organizing, re-organizing, moving furniture, sorting bags of clothes, etc.. Pretty straight forward stuff. Then tonight, we went on an evening outing at IKEA and looked at some cribs and high chairs. And then things got complicated.

With Emmeline, I was very confident at this point (20 weeks) that I would be bringing a baby home. There was no reservations putting up a crib, getting a high chair, getting everything and anything I felt would make her arrival and those first 6 months easier. And it worked out well. We were well set up. I feel like all the preparation and over-preparation saved some stressed. Again, I find myself very confident that we will be bringing a baby home...and, as of now, the chance of two babies coming home is looking pretty good. But good enough to get everything set up for two? Not quite yet. I think it will be another 6-8 weeks before I will allow myself to fully prepare for two.

And who knows...could things actually be okay with not as much preparation? With a few needed last minute trips to baby store? Could I be okay with being under prepared? I don't know. It's never happened. Perhaps this is my of millions of life lessons this experience has and will most likely continue to bring me.

I did just order 50 baby hangars from Amazon. I had some extras in the basement that I gave away for free about 7 months ago or know, because when your not having anymore kids, why would you need a basket full of baby hangars? ;-)


  1. I understand your concerns. Though I didn't nest as much as you did, I had the crib, swing, changing table ready when I got home from the hospital. I did find, however, that I probably didn't need nearly as much "stuff" as I thought I needed. I found that a lot was just nice to have but certainly took up a lot of space needlessly. If I could go back, I would haven't even worried about a crib until the baby was a few months old because the pack and play is perfect for a few months (they sleep on the top "shelf" and the bottom area is great for extra clothes, blankets, diapers, etc.).

    1. Sky! Thanks so much for reading and your feedback. Yeah, I think we'll leave the crib(s) down for awhile. We have a couple of bassinets for early on. Yes, it's amazing how much space all the stuff takes...which is further complicated when your three-year old decides that all the baby stuff getting hauled out is for HER babies. :-)

  2. You need a boy/boy twins pic on the top of your blog now. :)

  3. As you know, I always had a nursery with the first two boys and then was so cautious with Benjamin that I didn't even let Matt put up the crib until after he was born. I don't know what the answer is for you, but I do know it turned out that I didn't need to do nearly as much preparation as I had thought. But of course, I only had ONE newborn to take care of!