Thursday, February 7, 2013

24-week appointment and maternity pics

We had our 24 week appointment on Monday. Still all good. Amazing to me. How does my body go from not being able to get pregnant for four years, needing endless hormonal support to sustain that IVF pregnancy, multiple pregnancy related "this is a textbook beautiful twin pregnancy"?

Babies are measuring 1 lb 9 ounces (70%) and 1 lb 8 ounces (60%). Mind you, this is on a singleton scale. So, yeah, I'm huge. And getting stretch marks for the first time. I managed to escape that little treat with Emmeline, but knew the chances were high that I would get them this time. Fluid is the same in both sacs. Cervix is "as good as it gets". And blood pressure is 103/72.

Things are so good that there was even discussion of birth options. Options?

This really took me by surprise. From the little I've read, I had just assumed that mo-di twins would be delivered via c-section, especially after a previous c-section. But my high-risk ob says differently. Yes, there is a higher chance that it would end up in a c-section because of dealing with the position of two babies (amongst other concerns), but it sounds like if at least the first baby were head down, she would encourage a try. Surprised. Don't know what to make of it yet. I get the advantages...especially with a 3-year old running around. I also know some of the risks. But so does my high risk ob. I foresee multiple conversations with her before the decision is made and who knows - the babies may make the decision for me.

So, I finally took some pictures of the gazillion ultrasound pics we have. Seriously, we get like 10 shots every two weeks. This week, there were a couple cute feet ones, but space is getting tight so there really wasn't any good profiles.

Instead, I'll leave you with a couple of shots from our maternity pics. The best ones are actually my "nude" ones (not really, but it looks that way), but I just don't feel comfortable putting those up on this public site. These are some of my other favs...


  1. Wow! Such great photos! I totally love these.
    And holy moly about the birth "options"-- how cool is that!

  2. I love that one with your little girlie showing off her tummy too, that is just too cute!!! I had all 3 of my boys via c-section, the 3rd one was a really quick and easy recovery but I can understand with 2 newborns and a toddler, vaginal would probably be much easier for you!