Saturday, February 16, 2013

Random pics and other news...

So here's 25-weeks. Someone said "holy smokes!". I couldn't have said it better myself.

Here's their nursery in is currently our guest bedroom, and the bed will remain as long as we decide to keep them in the same crib. Also, a pic of the closet. It was bubblegum pink prior to this baby blue paint job.

On Wednesday of this week, my BFF spontaneously asked me if I would like to join her for a pedi. Why yes! This is a bit unusual for me and the fact that I absolutely loved it is also unusual. I think part of it is that I physically can no longer take care of my felt sooo incredibly good. I foresee more in the next three months...I mean, less than three months. Yikes! Then, of course, as soon as Little Miss saw the pretty toes, she wanted some of her own.

And then today, my mom came to help out. Sometimes she says she feels like she doesn't do anything, but just having someone here to give Emmeline attention while I make dinner and take care of little things around the house is sooo helpful. I tried to sneak in a nap while my mom was here, but Emmeline wasn't going for it much. It appears she knows that crunch time for mommy time has arrived. We did take a little trip to the Chelsea Teddy Bear Company and Emmeline picked out presents for the twins...a stuffed ducky and a stuffed tiger. My mom had shirts made for them with the names of our boys (about 90% probability). Note that you can't see these names in the photo...soon enough, soon enough. Oh, and of course, Emmeline got her own bear with a shirt that reads "Big Sister Emmeline".

Feeling okay. 26-weeks on Monday. Big, tired and realizing that my working days maybe coming to a close.

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