Friday, February 22, 2013

26.5 belly...isn't it "exciting".

How "exciting"!

Wow - twin identical boys...that's so "exciting"!

Aren't you so "excited"?

"Exciting" seems to be the word that people use the most when discussing the boys. I get it. I see where they are coming from. Do I often use the word? Not so much. So when people say it, I usually respond with "Yes, "exciting" is one of the many words that could be used to describe this."...along with "crazy" and "overwhelming".

But I got a sense of relief when I ran into a random, new twin mom at the mall yesterday. She looked good...calm and put together pushing her newborns and enjoying a day at the mall with a friend. I obviously told her that I was also carrying twins and asked how life was. She said something I will remember - she said she had absolutely no expectations, so things were manageable. No expectations...what a concept and a challenge. You mean my house may get a little messy and my legs may get a little prickly? Gulp. I think I can. I think I can.

See here's my 26.5 week belly, complete with a haircut today. Nothing like a haircut to elevate the attitude a little...

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  1. I definitely second the "No expectations". That was essential for my survival when I had twins. That way it's easier to avoid stress about things that aren't getting done.