Tuesday, February 19, 2013

26-week appointment - the good and bad

The good - good fluid, same amount in both sacs, so getting very close to being out of the woods for twin-to-twin-transfusion (TTTS). Babies are measuring the same - 1 lb 15 ounces and 2 lbs. Cervix is still a rockstar. Passed the 1-hour glucose test. Blood count/iron is great. And although I now occasionally get a 117/81 in the evenings for my BP, I also got a 103/69 yesterday morning. So BP, good.

The not-so-great news...Baby A has something called a CCAM (congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation) on the lung. They saw something at the 24-week ultrasound, but did not officially diagnose it as a CCAM - they though it might have been a clogged mucus duct or something. Well, it was still there today and has grown, so they are officially calling it a CCAM. The positive is that it is relatively small and is not causing any issues with the heart or other organs. And chances are that if it hasn't caused problems yet, it isn't likely to cause a problem before birth. However, the baby will need surgery within the 1st year after birth to remove it and may have breathing problems right after he is born. This is "for sure" enough that the high risk ob would like us to have a consult with pediatric surgery. A majority of babies with a CCAM go on to have a normal life.

So, yeah, always a little scarey when you are asked to consult with pediatric surgery. However, I'm taking it all in stride and true to my nature, gathering all the facts, figuring out all the potential outcomes and occupying my mind with the academics. And also not too shaken that something is less than ideal...because, you know, us infertiles often expect the worst.

Feeling ok. 11 weeks to go. Crazy.

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