Thursday, February 28, 2013


So here's a 27-week belly pic. I just realized that I posted a 26.5 week belly pic. Yeah, probably not that much difference. But these days I guess I feel like I grow hourly.

On Monday, I will have 9 weeks until these babies are for sure out. There, of course, is the chance that they will come before then. 9 weeks maximum! We are out of the double digits. I can't believe it. Everyday, I can't believe it.

Things are getting uncomfortable. I mean, I'm blogging at 12:47AM after a day full of working, errands and hardcore playing with Emmeline. Why, you my ask? Oh, just because there is always liquid acid in my throat. The last three days I have slept sitting straight up. It helps, but the sleep is far from sound. And then the constipation...oh, the constipation. I know, perhaps too much information, but I must document that these days it is not uncommon that I spend over an hour a day trying to go to the bathroom. Yes, my biggest physical whoa is my digestive track - keeping food down at one end and getting it out the other.

I made an exit plan with my Dean today, with the hope I will make it until March 25th. Next week is spring break, then two more weeks. And since I really only go in three days a weeks, that means a total of 6 days left. I can do 6 days.

Spring break...well, Alex usually gets vacation the same week so we can do some big trip. This year he also has vacation, but we will be doing a staycation. Trying to come up with some fun things to do with Emmeline on her non-preschool days, as well as some fun adult activities while she's in preschool. We also decided tonight that we are going to pursue a couple of bigger house projects before the twins arrive (new counter tops, backsplash, carpet in the sunroom), so there will be some shopping for those items as well.

I remember thinking about this time of year back in October, shortly after finding out there were TWO babies. I remember thinking how far off it seemed. And now we are here...building a snowman family of five.

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