Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nicu Days 14 and 15

Day 14, Thursday, April 17th, 2013

Spent a couple of hours at the nicu with John and Susan, then took a break for lunch at Cafe Felix. Totally off the nicu topic, but I love that place. Could possibly be my new favorite Ann Arbor lunch place. Stayed at the nicu awhile longer while Denise and Tom came to visit. Denise held Evan and Tom held Oliver and, as Denise said in a later email, they are in love with those boys. Picked E up from preschool, then I don't remember much after that...the days are starting the blur together...

Day 14, Susan and John meet Evan:

Day 14, Evan:

Day 14, Oliver:

Day 14, Visits from Denise and Tom:

Christina and Oliver

Day 15, Friday, April 18th, 2013

After dropping E off at preschool, Alex and I both went to the nicu and got to bath and feed the babes. And then a big solo Costco shopping trip - complete with a romantic lunch at the "Costco Cafe". We live exciting, crazy lives these days. Nice night with Emmeline and my mom...went back to the nicu with them for a little bit and Amy came to visit.
Day 15, Evan:

Day 15, Oliver:

Day 15, Oliver and mom:

Day 15, Amy, Emmeline and Evan:

Day 15, Dad, Emmeline and Oliver:

Day 15, Christina's post-pregnancy belly:


  1. You look great! And the boys look super cute too. Those exciting lives--while we don't go to Costco, a trip to Target or the grocery store can be a big outing with two the same age.
    Glad everyone is doing so well!

  2. Hoping you are all doing wonderfully.
    thinking about you and your family,

  3. I just chuckled thinking about how damned busy you must be with twin babies to care for and how could I possibly expect an update. Yet, I'd love one! :)

    But I'll be happy to check back in a month or two or a year - so you've had time to bathe and eat a proper meal and maybe do some laundry and compose a thought or two you can type onto the blog.

    Hope you're all healthy and doing beautifully - and that Emmeline loves being the big sister.

  4. I've been checking for updates but I imagine all those sweet babes are keeping you busy:) I hope you're all doing well!