Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nicu Days 16 - oh wait, they're almost 6 months old now!

I'm sorry for the delay.

That's it. No long excuses about the absolute craziness that is now my life. I now realize that my apologizes for lateness will forever be constants in my life, and frankly, no time or energy to expand beyond a heartfelt "I'm sorry". And, I'm also learning, a little more slowly, that there really isn't a need expand. People know. People understand. People don't need the well-defined excuses. People just want to help.

The quick - the boys are well! We busted out of the NICU with Oliver on May 3rd (exactly four weeks after birth) and Evan quickly followed on May 5th. The adjustment of being out of the NICU was large. What do you mean there is no nurse to feed my baby when I feel like sleeping through the night? Did I say "baby"??? Babies. BABIES. Maybe someday the plural version will flow more freely. Not yet. Not even close.

Because they were considered "high risk", not just because they were twins, but also because of the twin-to-twin transfusion, we were advised to get "early on" involved. Oliver didn't qualify (which is a good thing), but Evan did, mainly due to increase muscle tone. Early On is great - now coming to our house every other week and mainly doing physical therapy with Evan. He is progressing nicely. Both boys are meeting their milestones...and in most cases, based on actual birth date instead of adjusted. My little overachievers. Evan still has the stiffness, but it is kind of an unknown in terms of what that means. Of course, I have some worry about his future...but not as much as you would think. He is generous with his smiles and his laughter is abundant. I know this means that he will have a quality of life.

More, more later. For now, some pics.


  1. I've been checking back frequently to see if you've updated, I'm so glad all your little ones are doing well! Your twins are precious and your daughter too:) I don't think anyone would expect an apology though, I can only imagine how hectic it is to give birth to TWO little ones at the same time!!! Congratulations:)

  2. Congratulations indeed! So happy to see your update, and wishing you all the best.