Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nicu Days 8 and 9

Day 8, Friday, April 12, 2013

Dropped E off at preschool and headed to the nicu. Milk bank, pump, feed, kangaroo, pump, lunch, hangout and then try to get home before it is time to pump again. One week out, this seems to be the routine. Today was a little different because we had a bunch of visitors - Lauren, Lauren's mom, and Aaron, Anna and our neighbors, Peg and Nick. It was great to show off the boys. The boys got their main umbilical cords out today which means a lot more freedom in holding them. We also can take them in out and by ourselves now. Emmeline came back with us in the evening and she got to touch them and help feed Oliver. We, of course, also fitted in some playtime in the nicu play area.

Day 8 Emmeline feeding Oliver:

Day 8 visitors Aaron, Lauren's mom, Peg and Nick and Anna:

Day 8 Emmeline and Mom looking at Evan:

Day 9, Saturday, April 13, 2013

I headed to the nuci by myself this morning. Yes, I drove a couple of days early, but the hospital is only a couple of miles away. It was so great to walk into Oliver's room and see the top of his isolet was open. This means that we can take him in and out as we please without the assistance of the nurses. Usual routine and then I got to feed and kangaroo Oliver. He did pretty well on the bottle, and then I decided to put him to the breast to see what he would do. He did great. Stuck in that nipple and took a couple of strong sucks. I think, with some effort, he is going to get it. Alex, my mom and Emmeline came up around lunch time. We had a "picnic" in the nicu, which Emmeline got a huge kick out of. Then, the highlight to Emmeline's day, Emmeline got to hold Oliver. She was so perfect with him. I took Emmeline to the play area while my mom then held and fed Oliver and Alex held and fed Emmeline. Headed home a little later than expected, but after a fantastic morning.

In the evening, Alex and I went out for a celebratory dinner at The Quarter, then we stopped at the nicu for a late night visit. Evan's top was now also up which meant that he could now also easily come out. So we asked the nurses if we could hold them together for the first time. Amazing, amazing experience. It was surreal to realize that this just wasn't a fun photo opportunity...this is our life. And life is good.

Day 9 Emmeline holding Oliver:

Day 9 Grandma holding and feeding Oliver:

Day 9 Boys reuntied:

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  1. RETRO GIRL!!! I am so embarrassed to admit that I completely forgot to bookmark your new blog and thus never kept track of your progress (I think I still have twibling brain and if it isn't directly in front of me, I forget about it). Please send me your address: and I am so thrilled to see that these babies are here and healthy and beautiful! CONGRATS!