Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nicu Days 6 and 7

Day 6: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What a busy day! Today was the first day that I was home from the hospital and Emmeline was not at preschool. Emmeline's last music class was this morning, so Alex dropped me off at the nicu before taking her to that. My mom stayed at the house because we were having granite counter tops delivered. We had obviously made this kitchen remodeling decision before we knew that the twins would be arriving early. We contemplated changing it, but than quickly came to the conclusion that it will always be a bad time. They look fantastic, btw.

Busy, busy morning at the nicu. First was milk management. This nicu has an amazing milk bank. You just label and drop off your milk, and then they coordinate with the nurses and handle everything else. My milk production has been out the roof (which is surprising because I really was a low producer with Emmeline), which has been great. But it meant the I had a lot of unlabeled bottles from the night that I had to separate and organize and take to the bank. Pump then kangaroo with Evan then pump...then meet with lactation consultant to fix the pump. Then chat with the social worker. Oh, and do our children want to be part of the blah, blah, blah research study? I finally made it to triage to get my staples out. Yay! Wow, does that ever feel better. Ordered some lunch, took a breather and then Alex and Emmeline came up around 1:30PM.

It was cute...I have stocked one of the nicu rooms with some of her favorite snacks. She asked for one as soon as she came in and I think got a big kick out of it. After saying hi to her brothers, we went to the play area down the hall. Yes, according to Emmeline, the nicu is a "fun place". I'm glad she sees it that way. I know if the boys were sicker, she may have a different impression.

Left the nicu, a short stint at home, then off to her swim class. Then back to the hospital for a fun dinner at the hospital cafeteria. Seriously, she got a kick out it. Back to see the boys. Special times as Emmeline got to see Oliver out of his "crib", help put on his hat and sing to him. She also got Oliver's stuffed tiger all situated for the night and asked the nurse to watch over him too. So many nurses commented how nice, calm and sweet she was. I was proud. Came home and crashed.

Day 6 Evan "no more pictures please":

Day 6 Emmeline, dad and Oliver:

Day 6 Emmeline, taking it all in:

Day 6 Emmeline before swim class:

Day 7: Wednesday, April 11, 2013

After dropping Emmeline off at preschool, we both headed to the nicu. Pump, kangaroo, pump, rounds, eat, milk management. These are our mornings. After 7 days, we are settling into a routine. Rounds went well. Probably the best news is that Oliver had taken 58% of his feeds by mouth. Evan took some by mouth, but less. But really, just the fact that they are taking any by mouth is impressive. Auntie Lauren came for a morning visit and even got to feed Oliver a bottle. Tonight, after we pick Emmeline up from preschool, we are going to this indoor jungle gym area with her. We've decided that we wouldn't go back in the evenings on her preschool days (as long as they are doing well).

Day 7 Mom and Oliver:

Day 7 Dad and Evan:

Day 7 Evan eating:

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  1. Your family is beautiful, and Emmeline seems so incredible...
    Your boys seem to be doing well, and that is awesome. I don't know how you are doing all of this with such grace this post-surgery, but GOOD FOR YOU. I am in awe.