Sunday, December 9, 2012

Then there were two...

Not just babies in my tummy, but chickens.

We had four backyard chickens. One got killed by a raccoon over the summer and another bit the dust today after being attacked by a small, yet powerful hawk. I went out to give them some fresh water and found two of them throwing a fit. Then, when I didn't readily see the third, I had that sinking feeling. I discovered the carnage in the corner of their area. I'll be curious to see if Emmeline asks about her. She has never asked about the gray hen that died this summer.

Some people have asked if we are going to get a couple more. In the city of Ann Arbor, we can have four hens. I joke with the people who ask, saying that, yes, we plan on getting two baby chicks in early May (baby chick time) and raising them in our basement because we'll have time for that come

In other random news - my parents have stayed with me most of the weekend and that has been very helpful. Although, I learned something valuable about myself. I'm only really at the first step of embracing help. While I readily requested them to come out (big step), I didn't do much feet up time while they've been here. They are so good with Emmeline which gives me such a peace of mind that I find myself taking full advantage of my "alone" time opportunity. Today, that involved working on Christmas cookies...which, by the way, Emmeline loved doing. Yes, bed rest will be a challenge for me if it comes to it. I definitely like to be on the go. As my mom said to me today, "No wonder you haven't gained hardly any weight. You never sit down!". She's right. I am aware. I'm trying. Old habits die hard even with two babies inside.

16 weeks and tomorrow is the first appointment with the new high-risk ob. I'll post tomorrow night with all the details, which, of course, won't include the sex of the kiddos quite yet. See previous post ;-) Maybe on Thursday.

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