Friday, December 14, 2012

Pork Belly

That's code for "We're having identical boys!". Yes, it was a fun night at our favorite Ann Arbor restaurant - Mani. We brought the sealed envelope. This sealed envelope has remained in my purse, unopened, since Monday. I'm completely impressed with myself.

We handed the envelope to the waitress and wrote on it "Calamari = Girls; Pork Belly = Boys" and explained the deal. She was a good sport and I think she was excited to participate. We watched her walk over to her computer system, and then suddenly, she was surrounded by a bunch of other wait staff. At this point, we turned away because we were nervous that one of them would slip. The interesting thing is that we were sitting at the "chef's table". This is a bar-like area that is essentially attached to the front of the kitchen, giving one a close-up and personal view if it all....and, in front of us, was the printer that printed out orders as they were typed in. We realized that we also had to divert our eyes from that machine. So we just looked at each other and talked about our preference. The conversation started with "No preference...really." But by the time the appetizer arrived, we settled on the idea that boys may be the hope - for a couple of reasons. One, it would be nice to experience raising each sex. Two, we both agreed that although Emmeline would do okay either way, boys might be easier on her; especially since they are identical. Identical twins are known for having such an emotionally-tight, telepathic-like bond, that I think it will just be easier on Emmeline without the additional female component. So within about 4 minutes, our preference went from "No preference" to "Boys".

Then the pork belly arrived. Oh, that meant boys. Girls were designated calamari. For the record, we also ordered calamari after the surprise pork belly arrived. :-) It arrived with a blue, lit candle on the side. We promptly reopened the envelope which contained the very telling ultrasound pics and staged a picture with the pics, the candle and the pork belly. See below.

Boys. Boys. BoyS. BOYS. It is sinking in. A whole new world. Twins would have been a whole new world...then identical identical twin boys.

How did Emmeline react? Well, she's been claiming that she wants boys all week. But I predicted her three-year-old behavior accurately...I told my DH that I bet when we told her the news she would say something like "Oh, I want girls.". She asked us immediately when we walked in the door "Are the babies boys or girls?". Initially, she said "Yay!" when we told her the news. Then, sure enough, that changed to "I want girls.: :-) Sorry honey, I know it's a hard concept to wrap your head around, but none of us have control over the gender.

So, we never really bought Emmeline real "girly" toys, so we are fine on that end...but clothes - well, different story. While I have a ton of friends with little ladies, it is much slimmer on the boy front. My BFF has three of them, but she explained that when boys clothes get through the third boy, they're about done. I get that. So a little girl clothes purging and little boy clothes shopping over the holiday break.

Speaking of which, my last faculty meeting is today. Then I give a final exam on Tuesday and I'm done. Finished up Emmeline's and most of the rest of my shopping yesterday. Just some Christmas cards to address and a few more cookies to bake. Wow, done possibly a week ahead of time? Probably the last time I will have that experience in the next 18 years or so.

I leave you with the pork belly/ultrasound pic: