Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The babies in my belly...

Semester...and done. I made it. I have to go in one last time today to meet with the Dean to set up my non-teaching assignment for next semester, but that's it. I can't say it was my best semester, but I can't say it was my worst. I'm just proud to have made it with minimal impact to my students. The highlight of it all was being able to walk with faculty at was fun, plain and simple. My colleague and I ended up being seated right on the edge where all the graduates would walk right past us. We spent most of the 2 hours analyzing their shoes. You could tell that for many of them, it was their way of trying to be individuals in a sea of black gowns. ;-) Speaking of which, Emmeline got a big kick out of me wearing my gown and when I came home, she sat at the piano and sang a song about graduation...the lyrics went something like this "graduation, graduation, graduation". :-).

So, 17 weeks yesterday. Due to request, I took a belly pic. I do admit, although my belly is bigger, I do look skinnier than I did in the previous weeks. I think they are feeding off my fat reserves. In spite my best efforts, I guess I'm still not keeping up with these guys. Still only up 6 lbs. My ob isn't concerned yet - we'll see what she has to say at our next appointment on Dec. 28th.

Oh, and as soon as Emmeline found out I was taking a picture of my belly, she wanted a picture of the "babies in her belly" too. It's hilarious - last night, I asked her if she wanted to put together a puzzle with me. She threw her hand over her forehead and laid back on the pillow and said "I can't. I need to rest. The babies are making me SOOO tired.". Hmmm...I wonder where she's heard that before.


  1. Beautiful! Both of you! I mean, every one of you! All four of you!

  2. It's official, you are one of those people who looks so damned different in each photograph of yourself that I actually thought it was a picture of a friend of yours who is pregnant. Then I read the post and realized it was you. Your hair color is different than in other pics and you just look like another person. You look amazing, however. You're carrying beautifully and look very thin (in a good way, not in an unhealthy way) and I think you're doing fabulously! My colleague (who is a real fitness buff and excercised for 1 hour/day until her scheduled c-section with TWINS) only gained 25 lbs., delivering her twins at 38 weeks. She didn't swell an ounce and was in a size 4 six weeks post delivery.

    How's your blood pressure?