Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's 5AM Christmas morning and I'm wide awake, waiting for Little Miss to wake up. This will most likely be the one morning in her short history that she sleeps beyond 8AM.:-)
Follow-up - I didn't post this right away, she did sleep until 8:30AM!

I'm really, REALLY enjoying the holidays this year. Three is such a perfect age. I always hear parents say that they wish their kids would stay three and four forever. I never understood it. I do now. The wonder, the excitement, the unbridled enthusiasm for pretty much really is magical.

After we got Emmeline to bed, DH and I sat in front of the Christmas tree, nibbled on Santa's cookies and talked about next Christmas. The twins will be around 8 months. Really, Emmeline has a couple more Christmas holidays of it being all about her. Then we looked at the pile of presents and tried to visualize it...times three. We both agreed that all other issues aside, our house simply does not have the room to accommodate that. That is an advantage of deciding to stay in a smaller home - it keeps the consumerism at bay and forces constant purging and organization...if not, you would have to stay tuned to see us on a future episode of "Hoarders".

In other news, I've started some hardcore nesting. I've been getting some boys clothes, from friends and the resale shop. I've gone through my baby stuff pile and took inventory. I now have a beautiful new armoire because I have kept my clothes in what will be the babies' room. It feels good to get some things in order...I have a feeling that this post-holiday time before they're here will go very quickly.

Emmeline continues to talk about the "babies in her tummy". She will tell me that she has to eat a lot to help them grow. They make her so tired. After she kisses the babies in my tummy in the morning, she asks me to kiss her babies. I wonder when she expects them to arrive...

In terms of how I feel - okay. Just okay. I've been so tired lately, but it is really hard to determine if it is just holiday tired or pregnancy tired. Probably a bit of both. I am also waiting for some cravings to kick in...of anything! I just want to feel excited about food again. It still feels like I'm force-feeding myself.

18-week appointment this morning. I'm anxious because the 16-week one was really just a baseline. We'll have a clearer picture of what is going on this week. Fingers crossed that Baby B (the smaller one) has grown appropriately. I now feel them both move (yes, I can tell them apart), but Baby A is definitely more active. It's funny - I remember all the concerns I had with ultrasounds with Emmeline...and now I have those same concerns times two.

Times two.

Can you tell a bit of denial still lingers?

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