Saturday, December 29, 2012

18-week appointment

It went well. Truly as good as it could go. They measured fluid and my cervix and looked at the babies bladders (I guess this would give them clues to possible TTTS). Fluid looks good - Baby B's fluid is slightly lower but only by 1cm compared to Baby A's. They don't start being concerned until there is a 3cm difference between the two. My cervix is awesome - probably the best thing I have going for me. In fact, my doomsday self was wondering if a bed rest order would come with this appointment. Instead, she told me I have no restrictions at all on activity or lifting...that it is even okay to lift my 33lb daughter occasionally. Bladders look good. This wasn't a growth scan, but she did say that although Baby B is still smaller, the difference between the two did not appear to be much different than the previous appointment. Next appointment is scheduled for January 7th and that will be a full-blown growth scan.

We spent the day recovering for a very busy holiday. Pajama day for everybody. Unfortunately by 6PM I was feeling pretty bad. Cramping, tight...I was concerned. It lasted for about 5 hours. If I hadn't had the appointment in the morning with my awesome cervix, I probably would have taken a stroll down the street to the hospital. But here I am awake the next morning, feeling normal. And about to eat some pizza as I skipped dinner last night after not feeling well. The only bad news from today's appointment - no weight gain from the previous appointment. I thought for sure there was...she asked me to weigh myself in the bathroom. I did and came running to her in excitement - I'm up to 138lbs! She showed no excitement - this is what was on my chart from the appointment two weeks ago. She hasn't given me any specific goals or anything...has just said to make sure I eat three meals a day with two snacks. Well, I blew those orders last night, but today is a new day.

More resting this weekend...hope you get to have some too.

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