Friday, December 7, 2012

First parent-teacher conference...

You know, another one of those events that I daydreamed about before Little Miss came into our lives. Reading all the Facebook posts from proud parents this time of year, hoping that I could write my own proud status update someday.

It was great - of course it was. I won't list the many details, but the summary is that I am just so pleased to send her to this particular preschool. It is play-based, not to say that they don't work on things, but it is clear that their philosophy is play, socialize and gain same basic life skills now...there is plenty of time for hardcore studying later. I buy it. I know that many preschools are now much more academic. In fact, the teacher we met with said that she has had parents pull their kids from the program after conferences because they discovered "there wasn't enough worksheets". But I have had the benefit of seeing the trends of freshman over the last 11 years...clearly more worksheets at younger ages is not making kids "smarter" over time...quite the opposite.

Blah, blah, blah...something just feels good about knowing you made the right choice for child when they are yet not capable of making a particular decision.

In other random news...looking forward to the day ahead. Emmeline's in preschool, Alex is out flying and I have the day. I'm going to catch up on a little work, run some holiday errands and maybe, just maybe, relax a bit.

My parents are coming out on Sunday and my mom is going to my ultrasound with me on Monday. She never went to one with Emmeline, so I think she's pretty excited. We will probably have the opportunity to find out their sex, but it is an awkward situation. My DH won't be there. So, I think I'll have her write it down on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. Then, when Alex gets home at the end of the week, we'll go out to dinner, give the envelope to the waiter and tell him/her to bring us one thing as an appetizer if they are girls, another if they are boys. I'm totally stealing this idea from another blogger (I forget who)...I thought it was so fun when I read about it.

I'm already thinking about our favorite restaurant - Mani in Ann Arbor. I'm thinking calamari if their girls, pork belly if their boys. ;-).

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