Monday, November 12, 2012

Umm...great NT scan and other news

Does monochorionic mean anything to anyone out there? In a word - IDENTICAL.

Two sacks, but one placenta.


There are some increased risks. The chances of monochorionic twins? 3/1000.

But they look great...both neck fold measurements slightly under 1. Strong heartbeats. Couldn't ask for a better scan.

Then they couldn't find a second placenta.

Of course. Because my mind is a mind that needs concern. It needs something to worry research, to read about. It needs a "challenge". I wasn't going to get that, apparently, with fraternal twins and a great NT scan.

Mixed feelings. Elated that things look good. Scared that they share a placenta. Starting at 16 weeks, there will be ultrasounds ever other week. Glad that we live one mile from the hospital.

Pics to come.

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  1. So glad the scan was a good one, and holy moly, wow, one placenta? I know so little about this I could fit it in a thimble. BUT! Happy that all is well, great scan= great scan
    and very glad you'll get a glimpse so often of your little ones, and can't wait for pictures!