Friday, November 9, 2012

Two babies, a three year old and a career...

Oh, and a husband...who's also a commercial pilot.

So I started a full-time tenure track faculty position this fall...impeccable timing, I know. Remove the sarcasm for a moment, and the truth is that it WAS impeccable timing. Emmeline had started preschool and was thriving. I had taught as an adjunct professor for 10 years at the same university, so while the transition to full-time wasn't painless, at least I had taught all my classes before. And frankly, if this full-time position had opened up any sooner, I may not have been ready to dive into it.

And actually, now, if it had opened up any later, like next semester, I for sure would not have been ready to dive into it.

Ok, definitely remove the sarcasm...the timing was and continues to be impeccable. I enjoy my job - summers (if I want) and holidays off (including about a month off around Christmas), great flexibility in when I work and teach my classes, nice compensation and benefits and most of all, I enjoy how Emmeline seems to get a kick out of what I do...."mommy teaches boys about airplanes" she says, seemingly with pride.

I had a lengthy human resources appointment today. It's complicated. I will not have put in my year in this position until next September, which effects my benefits. Long story short, if I can continued to be employed until March 22nd, I will get the rest of the semester paid for at my full salary and then I will be able to take 6 weeks paid along with 6 weeks unpaid starting next September. If I don't make it until March 22nd, nothing in terms of compensation (although I can take unpaid medical leave). Yeah, there's a little incentive there. But also, I'm aware, a lack of control.

Baby steps in wrapping my head around this - talking to people, gathering information, "planning" for something that was so far out of the plan.

Today - some shopping.:-)

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