Sunday, November 18, 2012

NT Scan pics and Emmeline's birthday party

Here are some pics from our NT scan:

13 weeks tomorrow. Still can't wrap my head around it. Still can't picture two children that look identical running around this house.

I've been feeling up and down. At least the exhaustion and nausea isn't as constant as it was in those first weeks. I still often wake up at 4AM, wide awake and quite nauseous. Last night I tried something new and made myself two hard boiled eggs - yes, at 4AM. As soon as I ate them and settled down, I fell back asleep and slept great until 8AM. My DH made a great observation - I'm probably waking up because I'm hungry. So if it happens again...more of the same.

Weight gain continues to be a challenge. My total weight gain is still at a little over a pound. I'm going to call my ob tomorrow and get a referral to a nutritionist. I'm obviously not doing the eating part right and since the nausea transitioned direct to heartburn, well, I need some advice and support.

Yesterday was Emmeline's first kid party for her third birthday. It was a blast - for her and for us. While at the party, in the midst of cutting her cake, one of her friend's dad's sad "Wow, next year's party will sure be different.". I looked up and very innocently said "Why?". He just stared at my stomach...and then I got it and said "Oh crap.". I mean that in the best positive way :-)...said much more out of fear than out of lack of love, of course.

Here is a pic of my Little Miss - enjoying what will most likely be her last kid birthday party as an only child.

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