Saturday, November 3, 2012

Their in there now?

This was the response when we told Emmeline about her siblingS-to-be. It was cute, she was excited and the fairly lengthy conversation was documented in a video. I pushed to tell her. DH probably would have waited. But I've been so tired and not myself...and now getting quite huge, that I just wanted to give her a reason other than "mommy doesn't feel well". She just said goodnight to my tummy before going upstairs to bed.

Today was a nice family day. We went to the Henry Ford Museum, had lunch, spent time at home, then wandered the neighborhood delivering Emmeline's party invites, followed by some park time. But I'm beat. And did I mention that I'm exactly the same size that I was with Emmeline at 6 months, but I'm only 11 weeks. I think I understand something already...while this may be a special journey, it most likely won't be a comfortable one.

And on that note, I'll head upstairs to put my glasses on and grab a couple of Tums...because, yes, heartburn with twins apparently starts at 11 weeks.

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