Thursday, November 22, 2012

So different...

With Emmeline, by this point (13.5 weeks) I had already experienced the following: low, non-doubling betas, bleeding, hematoma, hospital visit, and a "positive" NT scan. So far with twins? Who knows about the betas (never had them tested), not a drop of blood, only a hospital visit for a "normal" ultrasound and a stellar NT result.

Normal risk for my maternal age for Down's is 1/137. Our adjusted risk based on the results: 1/2421. Normal risk for my maternal age for 13/18 is 1/259. Our adjusted risk: 1/4421. I find my self in awe that things are so smooth so far (aside from feeling much worse than I did with Emmeline) - so different from the pregnancy with Emmeline in all ways. I'm cautious though...lots of potential risks lay ahead as I progress.

Well, the first "non-smooth" thing happened yesterday. Bacteria in my urine. But they just called three weeks after the test, so on the recommendation of a good friend, I asked to be retested. I just didn't want to start a strong antibiotic if it wasn't necessary. I was retested and it was still positive. Starting the antibiotic this morning.

Oh, and I had a talk with my ob while at the office. I'm transferring to a high-risk ob. Surprise, surprise.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Still can't get over it but oh so happy for you. TWINS!!! Wow! Emmeline will love her big sis status. She looks exactly like your husband, btw. ;)