Monday, November 5, 2012

First pictures...

Here's pic #! at 6w2d taken at Fetal Maternal know, the experts in ultrasounds. Note the "Here I am!". "I", of course, being singular.

And here's pic #2 at 10w4d. After the second doc came in and confirmed the twin pregnancy and then left, I asked the the ob if she could do another quick ultrasound to print us a picture...I needed a picture of this to look at when I find myself still in disbelief.

So what's been on my mind? Bed rest. I know it's a comin'. I'm not a pessimist in saying that, but rather a realist. I know many twin pregnancies make it to 37 weeks without it, but I just don't see it in my cards that I will be one of them. I had a strong case of preeclampsia with Emmeline and as I sit here at 11 weeks, taking my blood pressure twice a day, there are times when that bottom number is already creeping up (I know, won't be "preeclampsia" until 20 weeks). And so I plan that my days of mobility will be cut short and find myself in crunch mode. For example, I felt pretty crappy yesterday, but pushed through to have a family outing day because those times may be limited. Today, to obviously feel like I have some control, I think I'll make a pre-bedrest to do list. Now, the challenge will be not to push too hard, inadvertently putting myself on bed rest early.


    WHAT a crazy wonderful amazing crazy surprise!!!!
    I would need a photo to feel it is real too! WOW, what a story, great for you to be pregnant, and holy moly, wow. holy wow.
    two babies in there!!!
    Trust your instincts in everything self-care, it sure sounds like you are-- best of luck in this already dramatic pregnancy, hoping for the most normal full term non dramatic twin pregnancy ever.....

  2. I worried so very much about pre-eclampsia. At 15 weeks with a singleton, I had a bp reading of 145/80 and it never really got much better. And despite 3 admissions to labor & delivery (released same day), I delivered my little lady at 37 weeks. You'll be fine too. :)